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Gp productGenuine Plastic is a valuable food grade masterbatch supplier.It is one of the leaders in achieving slip, anti-block, anti-fog and anti-static performance in polymers.If you want high performance masterbatches backed by exceptional customer support and outstanding service, you’ve come the right place.

We have a proactive and incredibly friendly customer service team. They will go an extra three miles to deliver the right product for you, whenever you want it, wherever you are in the world. This legendary customer experience is supported by a team of extremely talented engineer and a technically-advanced manufacturing facility.They let us to supply polymer-specific masterbatches within record-breaking timescales.

As a responsible masterbatch manufacturer operating within the polymer supply chain, we are committed to providing full regulatory support and ensuring compliance across our entire range of masterbatch products developed for food and toy sectors.

You can trust our technical team, highly mechanized manufacturing processes and stringent control measures to engineer polymer-specific masterbatch of the highest quality in quantities to suit your needs.

As a masterbatch supplier, Genuine Plastic can expertly encapsulate providing special effects, functional additives and processing aids for use in a vast range of thermoplastic applications. 

Our in-house experts are always ready to solve your problem. Whenever you need to check and analyze your problem, they will be yours. Then they will give you our advice and solutions.

We can optimize your existing production process and recommend suitable materials, updates or potential troubles for you. You can get our services by email or phone. Online language services in English and Chinese are now available. We are happy to assist you.

Almost all of our products will try to keep some inventory in case of an emergency in case you need it. This way we can deliver it in the shortest response time.

At the same time, Genuine Plastic recommends that you make the right procurement plan to choose a proper supplier. Our products are delivered quickly after years of practice testing to minimize your losses.

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How to choose silp and anti-blocking masterbatch?

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Take a few minutes having a look at our “How To”. Let our experience spare you from common mistakes.
Regarding how to choose a suitable Masterbatch for you, you don’t have to be a additive Masterbatch expert, our professional and pertinent suggestions will help you get the whole picture of the total solution.

How to choose silp masterbatch

Genuine Plastic’s high quality masterbatch has excellent performence. Their quality and stability is beyond my expectation. I have to say Genuine Plastic is a good partner.

Mr. Chen, CEO , ShenZhen Guan

The masterbatch have reached very high standard. Comparing with American masterbatch , it has great advantages in procurement cost, maintenance cost and service response. We are very satisfied with its quality and good service.

Liu Yin, Singapore

In the past two and half years, this masterbatch achieved its mission excellently. We are satisfied with this partner.

Mr. Ju, Shanghai Shen