Project Description

Anti-block Masterbatch reduce blocking at the surface of polymer films and other plastic articles to allow easier processing and handling. Blocking is related to slip, however, slip involves the sliding of two surfaces over each other, blocking is the adhesion of those surfaces.

Our anti-blocking additives reduce surface friction allowing easier separation of polymer surfaces. This can give an advantage in end-use applications such as opening plastic bags.

Key Benefits

Anti-blocking Masterbatch

High film clarity

Low use levels

Slipping or non-slipping solutions

Synergy with inorganic anti-block additives


Item No.Additive contentRecommended dosageUsed inRemark
GPPP9002.5%Skin layer“0” haze, high clarity. Suitable for high end BOPP
GPPP902HT5.0%1.0%-4.0%Skin layerHigh transparency and extreme low haze
GPPP905A5.0%1.0-4.0%Skin layerSynthetic silica
GPPP905CPP5.0%1.0-4.0%Skin layerSynthetic silica, Copolymer
GPPP905DCPP5.0%1.0-5.0%Heat sealing layerSynthetic silica, copolymer, for metilizable film
GPPP9062.5%2.5-4.0Skin layer (corona side)Synthetic silica, for screen printing film
GPPP9077.0%1.5-4.0Skin layerAnti-scratch, organic anti-blocking agent
GPPP907CPP6.0%1.5-4.0Skin layerAnti-scratch, organic anti-blocking agent, copolymer
GPPP9085.0%1.0-4.0%Skin layerHigh transparency, low haze value
GPPP922CPP6.0%2.0%-5.0%Skin layerUltralow COF for high quality BOPP film like ABC film structure layer
GPPP934CPP5.0%1.5%-4.0%Skin layerExtreme low COF and anti-scratch
GPPP936CPP5.0%1.5%-4.0%Skin layerExtreme low COF and anti-scratch. High dispersion. Suitable for high end BOPP film with thick skin layer
Grade No.Antiblocking Particle SizeAdditive ContentAntiblocking AgentDispersionApplicationGrade
GPPET10033.0um5.0%High transparent globular particlesBetterHigh transparent filmOptical grade
GPPET10055.0um5.0%Organic high transparent globular particlesGoodThick high transparent filmOptical grade
GPPET10252.5um3.0%SilicaExcellentFilm for precise printingSophisticated grade
GPPET10353.5um5.0%SilicaExcellentStandard PET filmStandard grade
GPPET11022.0um5.00%Organic high transparent globular particlesGoodSuper thin and transparent filmSophisticated optical grade
GPPET11044.0um5.0%Organic high transparent globular particlesGoodHigh transparent filmOptical grade
GPPET10022.0um5.0%Organic high transparent globular particlesGoodSuper thin and ransparent filmSophisticated optical grade

The above masterbatched could be provided PETG as the resin.

Item No.Additive contentRecommended dosageUsed inRemark
GPPP905DCPP5.0%3.0-6.0%Heat sealing layerStandard, suitable for CPP film
GPPP905HCPP8.0%2.0-4.0%Heat sealing layerHigh additive content Suitable CPP film
GPPE9055.0%3.0-6.0%Heat sealing layerStandard, PE resin, for CPE film
GPPP907CPP6.0%3.0-5.0%Heat sealing layerAnti-scratch, for CPP film
GPPP909CPP7.0%3.0-5.0%Heat sealing layerHigh gloss, low haze , for CPP film
GPPP928DCPP6.0%2.5%-5.0%Heat sealing layerLow COF, antiscratch, for metalized CPP film
Item No.Additive contentRecommended dosageUsed inRemark
GPPE9055%3.0-6.0%Heat sealing layerFor blown PE film
GPPE910G10%3.0%-6.0%Heat sealing layerFor blown PE film